Espolòn Tequila Añejo X, the one that's extra aged and extra rare

Añejo X

The One That’s Extra Aged, and Extra Rare

100% blue weber AGAVE.

Añejo X is secretly laid to rest for six long years. The extra aging creates a tequila of rich, complex flavors and uncommon character. There’s only one Añejo X, and once the limited quantity is gone, it’s gone forever. This is the one you’ll stash and bring out to enjoy straight on special occasions.

Each black glass bottle is handmade in Mexico and a proud tribute to the Mexican art form of the Barro Negro.

Limited Edition.

"Resurrexion", the label for Espolòn Tequila Añejo X, inspired by legendary Mexican printmaker, Josa Guadalupe Posada


COLOR: Beautifully rich, deep golden hue.

NOSE: Slightly oral yet subtly smoky, its prominent roasted agave nose marries with baking spices and hints of toasted almond, vanilla, ripened pineapple, maple and oak.

TASTE: Prominent vanilla with notes of nutmeg and white peppercorn are joined by hints of cocoa nibs, bitter chocolate, rich roasted fruits and agave. A rich mouthfeel with lingering traces of dark chocolate, cherry, tobacco and honey.